Garena Free Fire [Download] 2022 Latest 1.68.1 Android apk

Do you want to download Free Fire 2022 APK with the latest version? If you want to play Garena FF game on your android mobile then you can download Garena FF apk and play free fire game comfortably on your phone.

Garena Free Fire [Download] Latest 1.68.1 Android APK 2022

Free Fire Apk Bastion is a compressed file of the Free Fire official game, which when installed on any Android mobile works the same way as the official Free Fire game. If you are not able to download free fire game on your android mobile from play store then you can play free fire 2022 game on your phone very easily by downloading our free fire apk.

Along with that we will also tell you, how you can download and install our ff apk file on your phone in this way.

Free Fire Download Latest 1.68.1 Android APK

We know that you have come to this article today to download the APK file of the Free Fire game. Why today we want to say few things before giving you free fire apk file, which will be very useful for you before downloading free fire apk game.

Like what is apk free fire game and how can you install an apk file on your phone correctly.

Free Fire 1.68.1 Android APK – What is Free Fire

Garena Free Fire APK is just like the official Free Fire game. The game that you can download on your phone from Google Play Store, you can play the same game on your phone by downloading this ff apk file of ours.

So many of you must be thinking that why you should download Free Fire APK instead of downloading local Free Fire game from Play Store. The correct answer can be given to you only on whose mobile, Garena Free Fire Game is not being downloaded from Play Store.

Yes, there are many such mobiles in which no game can be downloaded from Play Store. To play Garena Free Fire game on all phones one has to download Garena Free Fire Apk 2022.

We know that some similar problem must have happened on your phone for which you are trying to download Free Fire APK 2022. In this we want to give you some information about this game before giving you a file of Free Fire.

Free Fire Game Description

Game NameGarena Free Fire
Game Apk File nameGarena Free Fire File 1.68.1 apk
PlatformAndroid & IOS – PC
Playing Mobile/Destop80% On Mobile
Apk file size779 MB
Apk virson1.68.0
downloader1 billion+
LicenseFree Game
CategoryBattle Royal Game
Official website

Garena Free Fire 2022 Latest 1.68.1 Android APK – how to download apk

If you want to download Free Fire 2022 , then you can download it from play store and apart from this you can also download it through internet, for this you can do it very easily by following the method we are telling you. will be able to download.

  • FirsFirst of all you have to go to play store in your phone.
  • Now you have to search by typing Free Fire.
  • Now install the first game you see by clicking on it.
  • After installation, open it.
  • Now you have to login to it with your Facebook or email.

Now this game will be downloaded in your phone, after that you can open and play it very easily, it is very easy to download it from play store but keep one thing in mind that your internet speed is a bit good to download it. It is necessary so that while installing it does not get canceled due to internet.

Free Fire File Online Download

Even if you want to download it with the help of internet, you can download it very easily from its official website, for this, from the link we are telling you, you can download it in one click and install it on your phone can.


By clicking here, you can very easily download it and install it in your phone, after that you can play this game, from here you can download and use the latest version file of Free Fire.

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Can I play free fire without downloading?

If you want to play Freefire then you know that you have to download it first. But maybe you do not know how to play Freefire without downloading? So if you want to know this then definitely read this post completely.

If you are also fond of this game, then today’s article is for you, here we are telling you a way by which you can play Freefire without downloading it.

How To Play Free Fire Without Download / Installing?- In Any Mobile

If you want to play Free Fire without downloading or installing it, then first you have to follow some simple steps given below.

#1.Open play store in your mobile.

#2. Search Freefire in the search bar!

#3. You will see the Freefire app in the result or you can also go to the direct free fire app by clicking on the link given below.

#4. Here before installing Free Fire, you will see the option of try now on the screen

#5. If you want to test by playing this game then click on Try now button.

#6. Then Google Play will be instant open in your mobile. So wait a few seconds, the time to download the free fire game will be free fire download in a few minutes!

#7. Now the Free Fire game will start opening as you can see in the screenshot below.As soon as the game is fully loaded, you will be dropped through a parachute from where you can start playing Free Fire.

How to play Free Fire without downloading it?

You can play Freefire for 2 minutes 15 seconds without downloading Free Fire in mobile.

After descending from the parachute, icons appear on the screen to move the player left right.

But in this trial version, you do not get any gun and if the enemies keep firing from the front, then you have to hide and avoid them.

After playing this game for 2 minutes if you think the graphics of this game are great.

Then to get full enjoyment of this game, you can download it in full on your mobile.

How to download Free Fire 2022 in your mobile?

download Free Fire on mobile, you will see a download button on the screen while playing Free Fire.As soon as you click on that button, the install button appears in front of you on the on install, Free Fire starts installing on your mobile.If you want, you can also install it directly on your mobile by searching Freefire directly on Google Play Store.

How To Free Fire 2022 download

Step-1 Go to Google Play Store and search Free Fire or click on the download button below.

Step-2 Now Free Fire Game will come in front of you, download it.

Step-3 This game is about 700 MB game so it will take some time to download.

Step-4 As soon as Free Fire Download is done, then log in with Facebook or Email id.

Step-5 Now you can start playing Free Fire Game.

How to Update Free Fire 2022

You have been told before, you can easily download 2022 Free Fire from Google Play Store, so it is very easy to update it for those who can download it from Google Play Store.

Step-1 Go to Google Play Store and search Free Fire or click on the download button below.

Step-2 Now Free Fire Game will appear in front of you and update button will appear.

Step-3 Now you click on update button and this game is about 769 MB game.

Step-4 As soon as the Free Fire update is done, log in with Facebook or email ed.

Step-5 Now you can start playing Free Fire Game.

These apps are available on Google Play Store but due to not being downloaded in many devices, we are going to tell you a method with the help of which you can easily update Free Fire.

To update Free Fire, you have to download its updated version, if your version of Free Fire is old, then you are informed to download the new version and the option is also given in it, by clicking on which you can download the new version Free Fire Download can do.

But if your Free Fire Game does not have the information to download the new version, then you have to follow the following steps to download its updated version.

Step 1– Search by typing “Free Fire Download” in Google search.

Step 2– Now download the APK file from any website.

Step 3– By installing Download APK file you will be able to use Free Fire.

About for Free Fire Game

This is a battle royale game and is the most downloaded game in 2019, it was created by 111 Dots Studio and it was made for android and iOS users, due to the popularity of this game, it has become the Best Popular Vote Game of 2019. The award has also been received.

In this, 50 people are brought down at one place in the game, they have to kill the enemy in front with the help of Weapons etc. This game lasts for about 20 to 25 minutes and in the end, whoever survives in this game, that game. I become a winner, in this you get many types of things to secure yourself, which you have to find and get.

After that you have to defeat all the people in front and those people try to get you out till the end, the person who is not out becomes the winner in this game.

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