How to Insurance a Bike

Do you know? Under the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, it is mandatory for a person to have a bike insurance along with a license to drive a bike in India, so often we keep hearing about bike insurance to avoid traffic police challans and legal proceedings, but What are the benefits of bike insurance? And how to buy online bike insurance for your motor bike? Not everyone would know this.

That’s why you also want to know this, then you will get all the necessary information related to bike insurance in this article if you walk on the road and take the responsibility of protecting yourself and your motor bike! Then you should definitely get bike insurance! So let’s get to know first.

What Is Bike Insurance

If a person drives a motorbike on the road, and unfortunate that person gets into an accident! In which the bike gets damaged as well as his body is injured! So in this situation, if the person has got his bike insured, then the company from whom you have taken bike insurance, that company gives you financial protection to repair the bike and to fix the injuries that you have got in the accident.

That is, the cost of repairing your bike and the cost of your treatment is provided by the bike insurance company, so all the people who drive on the road are asked to keep their bike insured! So that it can be used when needed.

Now here it is also important for you to know that what kind of loss can be compensated through insurance.

If your bike is damaged in natural calamities like earthquake, flood, storm etc., then you can take its cost from the insurance company.

If there is a sudden fire in the bike, theft of the bike, terrorist activities remember the loss of the brother in the event of a riot, then the insurance company will pay the cost of the loss.

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So in short, if there is any kind of damage on your vehicle without your consent, then the company from which you have got free bike insurance has to be given.

What Are The Types Of Bike Insurance?

samanyata two wheeler two wheeler vehicle has two main insurances.

Liability Only Insurance Policy

This plan takes the responsibility of third party damages, i.e. if the bike running on the road collides with a vehicle, then this insurance policy compensates the loss in this situation. It is also known as actor only policy.

In Indian law, it is necessary to get this insurance for a two wheeler vehicle. In this, the insurance company also compensates for the damage caused to the owner of the vehicle.

Comprehensive Cover

This insurance is kept under an optional policy, to compensate for the damage caused to the vehicle over time, that is, if your bike is damaged in any way, this insurance will not cover your car by compensating for that loss. Like helps me change.

Also, this bike insurance helps you to compensate for the loss if your brother is harmed even in the event of a storm.

What Are The Benefits Of Bike Insurance?

  • necessary| Yes, if you want to drive a vehicle on the road, then it is necessary to have insurance of your bike, this is clear in Indian law.
  • Medical Protection| Nidhi gets injured during an accident Tu two wheeler insurance will cover your medical expenses
  • Comprehensive two wheeler insurance In simple road accident it provides protection against legal penalty to the person with the dignity of financial help
  • Some insurance companies have a cashless garage network where damaged bikes can be repaired without spending any money.

That’s why it becomes important that whenever you get a bike insured, it is important to know about the plants of different companies before that! Therefore, you can also compare the insurance plans of different companies and you should get your bike insured from that insurance company which gives you more benefit in the right budget.

How To Buy Bike Insurance Online?

Friends, if you want, you can get bike insurance offline as well, but if you are an internet user, then you can take insurance online, compare and this will save your money as well as time.

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First of all, go to the official site of the insurance company from which you want to take insurance of two wheeler and click on two wheeler insurance, after which a new page will open in front of you. Then the process of taking insurance online and knowing about its policy starts from there.

However, you can also take insurance from any such website which website would have less love for the policies of different insurance companies. Let us now know about the top bike insurance company in India. Where can you get insurance for your bike?

Top 10 Insurance Company In India.

  • HDFC Ergo Two Wheeler Insurance Company
  • ICICI Lombard Two Wheeler Insurance Company
  • National Insurance Two Wheeler Insurance Company
  • Bharti AXA Two Wheeler Insurance Company
  • Tata AIG Two Wheeler Insurance Company
  • Oriental Insurance Two Wheeler Insurance Company
  • Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler Insurance Company
  • IFFCO Tokio Two Wheeler Insurance Company
  • SBI General Two Wheeler Insurance Company
  • Reliance General Two Wheeler Insurance Company

Now friends also it becomes necessary to know once the insurance has been taken and if the person driving the bike or the bike gets damaged then how can you compensate it by the insurance company.

How To Do Bike Insurance

Now we are telling you about how to insure a bike, if you want to insure any of your bikes, then you should follow the method given by us.

1 Visit Official Website

First of all you have to visit its official website, for this you click on the link given below.

Digital Your Portal

2 Click Insurance Option

Now its official website will be open in front of you, in which you will have to click on the option of insurance.

3 Motor Third Party

Now you will see an option of motor third party, you have to click on it.

4 Select Company

Now a list of many best bike insurance companies will appear in front of you, out of which you have to select a company as per your wish.

5 Login With Digital Seva Connect

Now a page will open in front of you, in which you will get the option of Login With Digital Seva, you have to click on it.

6 Motor Third Party /TP Policy

Now a new page will open in front of you, in which you will get the option of Third Party / TP Policy, you have to click on it and after that you will see a form, you have to fill that forum carefully in the right way.

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7 Enter Vehicle Number

Now you will be asked to enter the vehicle number, there you have to enter the number of your bike.

8 Check Vehicle Details

As soon as you enter the number of the bike, then after that you see the vehicle and you also see the money in this page that if you have got the bike insured, then how much money will you have to pay for that.

9 Proceed For Payment

Now you will get the option of Proceed For Payment, you have to click on it and after that you have to click on pay.

10 Enter CSC ID Password

Now a page will open in front of you, in which you will be asked to enter CSC ID and Password, in which you enter id and password and click on the option of Validate.

11 Insurance Payment

Now you have to pay the insurance, so choose the way you want to pay here and then pay it.

How To Take Bike Accidental Claim?

From whichever company you had taken the insurance of the bike, you will have to go to the authorized service center of that insurance company and there you will have to give information about your insurance policy.

Now after checking your policy, you will not be on some documents forum to compensate you for the loss, for which you will give information about whatever necessary documents you need.

And after completing this process, you will be able to compensate your loss, friends, if there is any problem in this car, then you can also answer the questions related to the policy by dialing the customer care number of your insurance company.

In this article, we have tried to tell you complete information about bike insurance, we hope that you have liked this information and if you want to ask any question related to it, then you can comment us and if you like the information, then it should be shared on social media. Do share it on the media too so that other people can also get information about it.

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