What is PUBG Mobile game and how to download

Do you know what is Pubg Mobile, what is Pubg Pc, how to download Pubg, how to play Pubg and what is PUBG Full form, if these questions still come in your mind, then today we will tell you about Pubg It is going to give complete information, after reading this post completely, there will hardly be anything in it that you will not know.

Today pubg mobile is discussed everywhere, especially for those people who like to play games because pubg is a game designed keeping in mind the gamers. This game is becoming very popular because this game has been included in the highest selling games till now.

What is PUBG Full Form and PUBG Game

The full name of PUBG is “Player Unknown’s Battle Ground” . This is an Action Game which has been prepared for Pubg mobile i.e. android mobile and for Pubg PC i.e. Computer. You can play this game on any platform.

The biggest reason for this growing popularity of Pubg game is to make this game available for mobile users as this game was first made in 2017 for Windows but now it has been made available for both Android and iOS users as well. That’s why people like to play on Pubg mobile due to Smartphone being more in use.

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Pubg game is an Action Survival game because to win this game you have to survive till the end and the one who stays in this game till the end wins. So let’s know what you get in Pubg mobile and what is the requirement of Pubg mobile.

  • Official PUBG on Mobile
  • High-quality Graphics and HD Audio
  • Realistic Weapons
  • Travel in Style
  • Team Up with Friends
  • Fair Gaming Environment

Pubg mobile Games Requirement

1. Your mobile must have Internet Connection

2. To play in Pubg mobile, the mobile must have above android version lollipop.

3. The size of the mobile screen (approx. 5 inches) should be correct

4. There should be 2 GB Ram for Pubg mobile game.

Pubg PC Games Requirement

1. Your Computer and Laptop should have Internet Connection.

2. Pubg Game PC must have 64-bit processor operating system to play

3. There should be 6 Ram for Pubg Game Pc.

4. Pubg Game Pc must have 30 GB of storage

5. Must have DirectX Version 11 for Pubg Game Pc

6. Must have 2 GB Graphics for Pubg Game Pc

7. Pubg Game PC must have at least Intel Core i3-4340 / AMD FX-6300 processor.

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How to Download Pubg PC and Pubg Mobile Game

Before downloading in Pubg mobile, let us tell you that to download this game in mobile, keep in mind the Pubg Mobile Games Requirement which you have been told above. Because the size of Pubg mobile game is 1 GB and it is a High Quality Game. If you use Android mobile then let’s know Step by Step about Pubg mobile download

Go to Google Play Store and type Pubg mobile or click on the button given below.

Now Install Pubg Mobile Game

Because the size of the game is big then it will take some time to download and then you are ready to play the game.

If you want to play this game in computer and laptop, then you have to pay Rs 999 for this, but if you use Blue Stack Application then maybe you can download and play it on your computer for free.

How to play Pubg Game

As we told you this is an Adventure Survival action game, to start this game you can login with Facebook so that your record is safe.

In this you get two options, one for single player and other for multi players, if you want to win this game then you should play with multi players, it helps you to win this game.

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If you want to play multi players then you can invite your Facebook friends and play as a team and if you want you can play this game alone. This game is played between 100 players.

The player is without clothes as soon as you are taken down from Parachutes. First of all, you have to find Weapons for yourself. The most important thing about this game is that you have to live in circles of Red Colors if you keep them outside then you die and in the beginning this circle gets bigger and gradually gets smaller which makes the game more difficult. gives.

In this way you have to keep the red circles in mind and reach your target and in the end the one who is left out of 100 players becomes the winner of this game.

So friends, I hope that after reading this post completely, you must have got all the information about this pubg mobile game, although I do not have much experience about the games, so if there is any question related to pubg game, then tell us in the comment. Tell and share it with your gamers friends .

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